A Look Behind the Lens

How I Got Started

I received my first camera when I was 14 years old. The purpose for this camera certainly wasn't for photography; at the time I was much more interested in making outrageous YouTube videos with my friends. Filming these videos allowed me to cultivate a love for storytelling and motivated me to explore the science/art of crafting beautiful shots that convey emotion and depth.

My love for film took a backseat to photography in 2016. I was a stressed out college student in the brunt of my pre-med and neuroscience coursework. The stress escalated to a point where I needed to momentarily step away. Coincidentally, I stumbled upon pictures of Zion National Park, which left me mesmerized; the great outdoors was pulling me in and I couldn't resist. When the semester ended, I grabbed my camera and embarked for Utah.


I had previously never visited any natural locations outside of my home state of Ohio. The terrain of Ohio is slightly different than Utah; I had never seen anything like it. The overwhelming magnitude of the cliffs, the intricate colors, and the majestic scenery of Zion struck me on a deeply spiritual level. I was mesmerized and instantly became obsessed with capturing the beauty of our amazing world through photographs.  My love for and desire to photograph amazing places has evolved in parallel to my fascination for adventure and exploring challenging, remote landscapes.

To Define Is To Limit

Defining a photograph and dissecting it into its' component parts limits our capacity to be inspired by an image. Photographs are so much more than composition and color; they are stories of beautiful places and moments, calls to action for both reflection and adventure. By immersing ourselves in an image of a beautiful landscape or a suspenseful moment of action, we transcend beyond the limits of the image and become a part of the adventure.

I view photography as the medium in which I motivate and inspire others to explore our beautiful world, adventure beyond their sightline, investigate what the world has to offer, shake their proverbial snowglobe and pioneer new paths for themselves. Images of Angel's Landing and Zion National Park sparked my thirst for adventure, challenged me to get out of my comfort zone, travel to a new place, and crack myself open through the beauty of a new experience. I hope that my photographs inspire these same feelings to all who happen to view them.

Philosophy & Practices

My goal is to create natural, realistic, and immersive photos that invite viewers into the scene; I want them to be in the middle of the landscape as a participant, as if they were standing with me as I clicked the shutter of my camera.  To preserve the natural look and feel of the images, I avoid using presets and filters, and I do not utilize PhotoShop or photo stacking. In essence, I do not change my photos in any ways beyond adjusting light, shadow, color, spot removal, etc.

While I love the idea of creating images that speak to me and reveal the way in which I viewed a particular scene, I want to convey a sense of realism and produce a final image that is objective and true to the scene that nature presented. 

Ultimately, each image is a story. There is a beginning and an end for each capture, a journey that is required to take a photograph, a story that takes place behind the lens. I started my creative catalog with film primarily because I love telling stories, and I try to continue this tradition through my photography. Click on the photos in my portfolio to read about the stories behind some of my images!

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