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Questions               About Prints?

Don't See A Print That You'd Like?

If there is a photograph in my portfolio that you would like to purchase a print for, but it is not available in the Prints section, follow the direction below and I will get it uploaded to the Prints site for you:

  • E-mail me using the contact form at the Footer of the page. In the message, include the title of the picture (found by hovering over or clicking on the desired image in the portfolio) that you'd like to order.

Questions about print offerings?

Here are some descriptions & Suggestions

Screenshot 2019-10-01 11.22.06.png
Screenshot 2019-10-01 11.25.37.png


  • Crystal Clarity, vivid colors

  • 3D appearance

  • Immersive: Lifelike Depth & Dimension​

  • Immune to spills & Stains

  • Resistant to fading

  • Perfect for images with a lot of color

Art Poster

  • Vibrant print

  • Larger sizes: what you would see in a gallery

  • Easy to hang in the home or office

Screenshot 2019-10-01 11.28.11.png

Canvas wrap

  • Professional appearance

  • Wrap effect works great for landscapes

  • Ready to hang

  • Great medium for noisier night images

Screenshot 2019-10-01 11.31.58.png

Framed Print

  • Sheen, shiny, satin finish

  • 2-3 inch white border enhances the image

  • 1.25 inch solid frame

  • Plexiglass

Screenshot 2019-10-01 11.38.21.png

Metal Print

  • Infused onto aluminum board

  • Magical, surreal feel

  • Waterproof

  • Float Mount hangers, ready to hang

  • Recommend not printing night images on metal

Screenshot 2019-10-01 11.42.41.png

Photo Print

  • Simple, yet elegant. The Classic Print

  • High-end, advanced printing material

    • Kodak professional Endura photopaper​

  • Glossy: Brings out colors​, glare

  • Matt: No glare, but easily scratched, best for panoramas

  • Luster: Mix between gloss and matt, slight glare

Screenshot 2019-10-01 11.46.12.png

Acrylic Block

  • Clarity of acrylic print

  • Transparent, look straight through the picture

  • 3D Depth

  • 3/4-1 inch depth of block

  • Decor for desk, table, counter, mantle, etc.

Screenshot 2019-10-01 11.51.28.png

Ceramic Mug

  • Bring the beauty of nature with you

  • Ceramic mug

  • Fade & scratch resistant

  • Made with natural materials

Screenshot 2019-10-01 11.53.51.png


  • Decorate any room in your house

  • Zipper pillow cover makes it easy to wash/keep clean

  • Clear, colorful print. No sacrifice of quality

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